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Gina Sobel & Brett Jones – “Modo”

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Gina Sobel and Brett Jones are both young, fluent musicians who play with a keen attention to dynamics and listen to each other extremely well, which makes for a great duo.  Seeing and hearing them play together just feels right.  Together they have played in a lot of different projects as lead and supporting musicians, from jazz to rock and also Klezmer groups.  They each play a variety of instruments, but in my search for artists that does not impress me as much as a musician’s true passion for their main instrument.  For Gina it is her flute and for Brett, his guitar.  To be honest though, I had never actually met either of them in person before this session, but I did my research and was able to catch a few clips of them online to hear how they play.  Their performance and respect for the music ultimately grabbed my attention and led me to include them on “Pun Picks.”

My student, Will Jones (an aspiring filmmaker & guitarist) and I chose to film them at the Frank IX building not too far from Charlottesville’s downtown mall.  The duo played one of Gina’s tunes called “Modo,” named after a shorthand code used by birders to reference mourning doves.  She wrote the music based around their call, which interestingly uses western intervals and some pretty hip syncopation.  Being at the Frank IX site where the grass/vines/nature were breaking through the concrete made a nice juxtaposition and a perfect place to play her ode to the mourning dove.

 Gina Sobel & Brett Jones: “Modo”

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