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Castle Park – “Night Rider” & “Machete”

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castleparkI was visiting Hawaii recently, researching some interests of mine and I luckily reconnected with one of my oldest and best friends, Dkind AKA Danny Mawyer. Growing up we played in a few different groups together, mostly funk/rock bands but his main love was/is always his production work. I remember always calling him up, trying to get him to come to band practice and he’d say, “I’ll be there soon, I just gotta get this next rapper to lay down his verse and then I’ll be on my way.” To this day I still listen to one of the only mix cds that I have of his, which featured a lot of my friends from our high-school days. One of them being Andy Thacker, now the monster mandolinist for the bluegrass 80’s cover band, Love Canon. On my favorite tracks off of that CD Andy played guitar using a kitchen knife as his slide, layered over Dkind’s beat along with a sample of the classic blues tune “Another Man Done Gone.”

Dkind is working on some fresh reggae tracks to be released soon. Keep a look out!

Below is a video of Dkind’s latest project, a live hip hop band in Honolulu called Castle Park. I got to catch them at Downbeat in Chinatown one evening and they were great. They group is keeping live hip hop alive and creating a great community going in Hawaii.

“Night Rider” & “Machete”

Jay’s “Pun Picks” – Castle Park – “Night Rider” & “Machete” from Pun Picks on Vimeo.

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