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Beleza – “Upa Neguinho” & “Lamentos do Morro”

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I first met Madeline & Berto Sales (of Beleza) when we were all booked for a big show at Charlottesville’s Jefferson Theater in early 2010. It was in a way, a showcase of world music that night which also included one of my favorite bands growing up, world beat / afro pop group, Baaba Seth. This turned out to be one of our most memorable shows to date as all the groups had such great energy on and off stage. There was a mutual respect for each other as musicians and more importantly, as people. This is very important to me, as the music industry is a cut throat business and it makes a huge difference to share shows with artists who are musically amazing as well as genuinely kind. Over the past few years I have become better friends with everyone from that night, but especially Madeline and Berto.

Beleza actively performs regionally as well as internationally, including tours around Central and South America. Madeline is a versatile vocalist using her influences of Soul, Jazz, and Blues while singing in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. Berto blends his native Brazilian rhythms with his masterful Spanish Flamenco technique to make his playing undeniable. Their sound has been described as “Funkalicious Samba Soul, which can be heard on their 2 albums, “Time to Dream” (2006) and “Cooking with Flavour” (2011), both available on their website: http://www.belezamusic.com.

┬áHere they are performing “Upa Neguinho,” below…

And a very special bonus of Berto playing “Lamentos do Morro.”

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