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Tom Lasko – 2 originals & “Monticello”
Tom Lasko - 2 originals & "Monticello"

Episode 16: ——- Dig what I’m doing? Consider donating $5 or more at the bottom of this post “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” so they say. For this next Pun Picks session, that saying definitely rings true. Tom Lasko is Morwenna’s father, a talented visual artist as well as a highly skilled […]

Laurent Brondel – “Nardis”
Laurent Brondel - "Nardis"

Episode 15: ——- Dig what I’m doing? Consider donating $5 or more at the bottom of this post. *photos courtesy of Laurent Brondel, video below Upon finishing our first international tour that Morwenna and I took in 2012, we visited her family in Maine and I spoke with her father, Tom Lasko, about how most of the guitars I have owned […]